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"Productivity Fuel" is a unique method designed to effectively reduce stress in the workplace.

When we are stressed, our ability to think creatively is compromised and our ability to make good strategic decisions is clouded. We are not as efficient in our work, our motivation declines and our relationships with colleagues can become strained and disharmonious.

The Productivity Method combines the use of scientifically proven techniques, which enhance wellbeing and cognitive function. We fuse these together with uplifting and creative programs, which have been shown conclusively to improve productivity and efficiency. Our method is simple, gentle and life-changing. The techniques employed fit easily and effortlessly into anyone's routine at work or at home, reducing stress and promoting health and motivation.


A specialised range of programs
to increase productivity in the workplace

A specialised range of programs
to increase productivity in the workplace

Our Unique 3 part process to create more success
and less stress in your work environment

1. Nervous System Repair

1. Nervous System Repair

Gentle movement and body work, using Feldenkrais, somatics, chi gong, yoga and the Franklin method.
2. Calming the Mind

2. Calming the Mind

Breath work, Meditation, Mindfulness, visualizations and awareness programs.
3. Accessing Creativity

3. Accessing Creativity

Development of the creative mind through music, dance, movement and specialised creative fun workshops.

Wellness and Productivity Programs

A specialised range of unique workshops for Health and Wellness in the workplace. Choose from a wide range of modalities, specifically designed to increase wellbeing and productivity.

Somatic work

Recalibrate the nervous system, using a variety of well established movement techniques, including Feldenkrais, somatics, chi gong and yoga.

Breath Work

Steady the breath and clear the mind. Breath work, visualization and awareness practices give overwhelmed minds a much needed opportunity to reboot.

Meditation and mindfulness

Train the mind out of the stress habit and into a new focussed pattern of calm, using practices that have been proven to be effective at reducing corporate stress.
Mindfulness training in the Workplace

The Creative Mind

Our creativity specialists share powerful performance enhancing techniques, used by professional actors, dancers and athletes.

Dance and Movement

Our movement experts share the secrets of easily eliminating desk fatigue and creating a new healthy posture, which places less stress and strain on the body.

Nutrition and Diet

Food has a massive impact on our health and performance. A few easy adjustments made to our diet can supercharge our energy levels and dramatically enhance our state of mind.

Productivity Fuel

How our programs benefit your employees

Organisation employees are the most precious resource and in almost all businesses account for the largest part of their cost base. Ensuring that your team members are happy, healthy and motivated to carry out their roles to the best of their abilities is essential.

  • Enhanced wellbeing and quality of life
  • Improved productivity  levels
  • Enhanced motivation and joy
  • Improved communication and teamwork
  • Enhanced creativity and decision making
  • Improved capacity to deal with stress 
  • Improved communication and teamwork
  • Better Posture and co-ordination
  • Less anxiety and fear
  • Less irrational thinking and confusion
  • Less anger and conflict
  • Less muscle tension

What meditation does for you
The science part..

What meditation does for you
The science part..

Why Choose Productivity Fuel?

Employees who genuinely enjoy their work are more productive, happier, and more successful. ‘Productivity Fuel’ increases self-confidence and inspires greater performance and success for both employee and employer.

Better Communication65%
Problem Solving80%
Dealing better with stress50%
Boost in creativity levels68%
More optimistic, enthusiastic workers79%
Productivity increases93%



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